Data scientist

Data scientist

Department: Data Scientist
Project Location(s): Hyderabad
Education: Any Degree


♦Analytics: Handling large data sets, Collecting, Mining, modeling
♦ Statistics: Basic Statistics, Distributions, Linear Regression, Visualization and so on.
♦ MS Office: Excel, advance excel, VBA, Power point
♦ Tableau: used extensively for Visualization of the difference businesses for all stakeholders.
♦ Python: Basic Algorithms, Pandas, numpy, Mysql connector, skit learning, openpyxl and so on.
♦ MySQL: Simple select queries, nested queries, joins, case conditions, union all queries etc.,
♦ Other Programming skills: R Programming, SAS, SPSS etc.

Should be proficient in:
♦ MS Office
♦ Tableau:
♦ Python: Command prompt, Pycharm, Spyder (Anaconda) – 2.7/3.6 Version
♦ Databases: MySQL – Workbench, SQL-yog

Experience Required:

  • Require to understand Data Analytics and Machine Learning Algorithms. Collect the data from different source of systems and cleaning it, providing comprehensive and factual data on business performance to all business units .
  • Used Business intelligence tools like Tableau to show case our whole Business in a single snapshot with different Visualizations techniques, which helped us to present the business to the investors.
  • Ability to use python and SQL for Data mining, crunching and to build data models to address different business problems.
  • knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms like RFM (recency, frequency, monitory) model.
  • Marketing Analytics Like – Effectiveness of a campaigns, Conversion of Lead to Order and Calls to Order Conversion Analysis.
  • Designing the Database to Minimize the process gaps using MySQL
    Using Complex queries like joins, nested cases in MySQL DB as in when needed to get the best insights.
  • Development of Internal Business Intelligence tools to Access the insights as in when the Business requires to take decisions.
  • Helping technology team with documentation of procedure and functional requirements to automate BI
  • Automation of different types of Business Dashboards using Python ( Pandas, Numpy, My SQL connector and other important packages based on requirements)
  • Understanding the different Business Processes and identifying respective measures / KPI’s for periodical monitoring of Business performance.
  • Responsible to Identify/Modify various attributes for the derived business level measures.
  • Tagging the Source of System to the identified measures.
    Deriving the formulas for the measures.
  • UAT (User Acceptance Test) for the automated measures dashboard