Healthcare Technology Consulting

Population health, value-based care, lowering revenues, and growing fees are only a few of the significant issues faced by healthcare IT leaders these days amongst other requirements. The solution to these issues call for huge amounts of information, access to real-time information, scalable analytics platforms and structures interoperability. Healthcare IT should cope with a majority of these troubles, and greater, whilst generation of technology becomes out of date at an exponentially increasing tempo.

Our consulting for services for healthcare platforms assist in overcoming struggles like inflexibility, access to right data, being available at the right place to effectively support clinical and operational design making etc. Our services will assist in understanding process-driven EMRs, expensive data lakes, and unrefined transactional data.

Healthcare now requires a new fierce IT model. This IT model requires: a patient centric data model, analytics and application platform called Patient Engagement System.

Patient Engagement System model gets data from patients, stores the data securely, facilitates authentic access, gives analysis from the data, helps predicting models on decisions and makes real time active interaction with each one among the particular organization.

AKT Health provides technical assistance to attorneys, manufacturers, user facilities, and users of medical devices. We have vast experience and a network of resources that can assist you in many areas such as –

Medical Technologies

  • EHR expertise
  • Standard and terminology
  • Big data strategies
  • Data Analytics

Healthcare Payers

  • Clinical Data Integration
  • Effective Interoperability
  • Mobile-enabled care
  • Member Retention
  • Predictive Models for Claims and denials
  • Analytics to monitor and reduce spend

Pharma and Life sciences

  • Readiness for Real World Evidence
  • Data Models for clinical research VS clinical care
  • Technology Consulting for advanced clinical trials
  • Compliance to Drug Reforms and Regulation

Healthcare Providers

  • MIPS/MACRA for physicians and Clinical Practices
  • Data strategy for Integrated Networks, ACO’s etc.
  • System Interoperability
  • Patient Engagement
  • Physician Portals

Better data means better healthcare. In order to improve outcomes and lower costs, stakeholders need to share data and have complete access to it. At AKT Health Analytics, we believe our technique to healthcare era consulting is greater than just specific. Our team of professionals will pay attention on analyzing some of the unique areas within a corporation to discover and identify any unrecognized business pains and provide contemporary success analytics for optimization opportunities. With our highly skilled technology consulting offerings, we help in supplying long-lasting and tangible effects within healthcare commercial enterprise requirements.

AKT Health allows you to identify the way by which you can show your statistics in the form of actionable perceptions. Our analytics team offers the expertise in business intelligence and predictive analytics equipment, patient data warehousing, information exchange and interoperability structures.

Our hands-on approach will assist you to integrate data from various sources, optimize visualizations for a single source of truth, measure performance and patient outcomes, empower healthcare providers to ask and answer their own questions, as well as deploy self-service analytics for individual users, teams and an entire healthcare organization.