Sridevi TallapragadaChief Financial Officer

Sridevi is the CFO of AKT Health Analytics. She launched the company in 2017. With her she brings to the table 20+ years of experience in diverse industries.
Entrusted with the task for various managerial functions in the organization, Sridevi handles complete operations of AKT Health Analytics. She has been a key contributor in organizational development and strategic decision making processes through effective utilization of outstanding communication, leadership, management and motivational abilities. Sridevi now intends to lead her high caliber teams to successfully meet company objectives.

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AKT Health Analytics Pvt Ltd, Plot No:79/22A, First Floor, Door No: 1-90/7/B/79/22A, Vipra Elite, Patrikanagar, Sreet No:1, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081.

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