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Redefine your clinical research strategy with AKT Health’s visionary approach, where our visionary integration of emerging technologies into decentralized trials empowers your research to proactively address market changes.

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Telemedicine Solutions

AKT Health’s telemedicine solution is at the forefront of transforming the clinical trial landscape. With our remote monitoring solution, we not only minimize the need for frequent site visits but also guarantee flawless adherence to trial protocols, effectively reducing deviations.

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Improved Protocol Adherence
  • Cost Savings

Clinical Trials with

Health Devices & Wearables

Harness the exponential growth of wearables and health-tech devices to elevate your clinical trials. Our solution offers a seamless integration of wearable technology, ensuring non-intrusive implementation.

  • Enhanced Data Quality
  • Rich Data Volumes
  • Streamlined Setup

Simplify Clinical Studies with

Remote Monitoring

Navigate the challenges of tracking, monitoring, and analyzing data in clinical studies conducted across diverse sites or patients’ homes effortlessly with AKT Health’s Remote Monitoring solution

  • Access to Diverse Datasets
  • Geographical Barrier Elimination
  • Cost-Effective Research

Clinical Consent with


Unlock the power of eConsent to ensure compliance, elevate the patient experience, and boost your recruitment rates by seamlessly obtaining electronic signatures from patients or subjects after they remotely review study documents.

  • Enhanced Patient Enrollment
  • Real-Time Recruitment Insights
  • Reduced Participant Drop-Out

Data Collection with


Experience a digital transformation in clinical outcomes assessments (COAs) and patientreported outcomes (PRO) with AKT Health’s innovative platform, ensuring a seamless, consistent, and expedited data collection process.

  • Reduced Patient Hassle
  • Enhanced Patient Safety and Real-World
    Data Access
  • Efficiency and Consistency


Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) the trial participant is at the heart of interactions. It prioritizes a Patient-centric approach, where the patient’s convenience and well-being are at the forefront of trial design. The entire trial design revolves around making the experience convenient and patient-focused, reducing participant burden, and allowing them to participate from their homes. It is reshaping the way clinical trials are conducted, redefining the roles of various stakeholders, and harnessing the power of cutting-edge IT technologies.

Decentralized Clinical Trials are leading the way in transforming clinical research, enhancing the participant experience, and driving efficiency through leveraging technology to streamline trials while ensuring data integrity. By placing participants at the center and adopting innovative IT solutions, DCT is shaping a future where clinical trials are more accessible, adaptable, and patient-focused than ever before. Welcome to the future of clinical research, where participants are at the heart of every breakthrough.

Chemotherapy RPM

Advanced Neutropenic Fever Monitoring Study

A Breakthrough Study

Neutropenic fever is a common complication following chemotherapy, impacting the health and wellbeing of cancer patients. In severe cases, it can necessitate hospitalization, disrupting treatment plans and quality of life. Our study employs state-of-the-art ECG and axillary temperature monitors to continuously track crucial parameters. By correlating this data, we’ve unlocked the ability to predict neutropenic fever up to 18 hours in advance.

Key Components

• Wearable ECG Monitor
• Wearable Temp Monitor
• Customized Patient App
• Event Correlation Algorithm
• Retrospective Analysis Report

Data Captured

• Heart rate
• Respiratory rate
• Temperature


  • Correlation of multiple physiological parameters
  • Network disruptions in ambulatory settings
  • Combining automated data capture with patient reported symptoms
  • Data integration with clinical systems


  • Portfolio of medical sensors spanning multiple human vitals
  • Sensors with onboard memory and automated network data synchronization
  • Integrated patient app combining automated data capture with reported symptoms
  • M2M web services API integration

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