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About Software

Certara’s pharmacometric drug development and informatics software portfolio is the most wide-ranging in the industry. Combining legacy brands including Pharsight, Simcyp, Tripos and Quantitative Solutions, Certara’s technologies are used across the drug development life cycle. Pharmacologists, toxicologists, biostatisticians, pre-clinical scientists, chemists, geneticists and other scientists use our software to inform key safety and efficacy decisions, including target identification and optimization, first-in human dose and dosing regimen, trial design, target validation, compound triaging, comparative efficacy, and mechanistic drug performance.

Certara’s Award-winning Software Portfolio includes:


Phoenix WinNonlin

The industry gold standard for pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) and non-compartmental analysis (NCA).

Phoenix Knowledgebase Server (PKS)

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant PK/PD Model Repository.

Phoenix NLME

The most user-friendly and powerful PK/PD and nonlinear mixed effect modeling software available.

Phoenix CDISC Navigator

Import and export CDISC SDTM and SEND datasets.

IVIVC Toolkit

Predict the impact a change in formulation will have or predict the dissolution rate that is necessary to achieve a desired PK profile.

Phoenix Technology Services

Helping companies streamline modeling & simulation efforts to optimize R&D productivity and achieve goals faster.

PBPK and Mechanistic

Simcyp Simulator

The most scientifically advanced physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) technology.

Cardiac Safety Simulator

Integrating PBPK modeling and simulation with a cardiomyocyte model to predict the cardiac effects of drugs.


Enabling the analysis of complex in vitro studies, including those with whole cells, tissue samples and solid dosage forms.

Simcyp Consulting Services

Building prospective clinical knowledge from in vitro ADME data for pre-clinical, clinical and formulation.

Analytics and Informatics


Certara’s informatics platform facilitates scientific data access, analysis and collaboration within an organization and amongst development partners.

D360 Express

An out-of-the-box integrated solution designed for discovery scientists at smaller organizations.

Clinical Trial Simulator

The flexibility and ease of use of Trial Simulator empower both the novice and more advanced users.

Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases

Harnessing the wealth of publicly available clinical trial outcomes data to enable drug development and comparative efficacy


CODEx enables users to quickly visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate Clinical Trial Outcomes Database content using a variety of highly interactive tools.

Certara’s software development team follows a roadmap that systematically delivers new technology based on our interactions with clients, software users, academic partners, and regulatory reviewers. In addition, our development team can provide a range of “fit-for-purpose” services to meet specific company requirements.

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